Get paid 30 US cents for every question you answer

We need freelancers who can search a popular Q + A resource website and pick out questions to answer. Payout is 30 US cents per accepted answer. Minimum order package is $3 or 10 answers. Only 1 answer per question. Your answers must make sense and must add value to the conversation. Your answers must […]

Data Entry Freelancers wanted for Promotional Work

We need freelances for data entry assignments involving 12 tasks Each package has 12 tasks and you get paid for completing the package It takes about 15 minutes of less for each task once you have accounts set up on social media sites and other types of websites We can send up to several packages […]

Internal Forum Posters Wanted – Pays in US Dollars

We need people who can create accounts on a forum on our server. Once the accounts are done, these folks post questions based on a list of keywords. Other accounts are then to copy and paste snippets of information found on the Web. The point is to get conversations going Payout is 20 US cents […]

Now hiring: Facebook Commenters

We are looking for people who can use Google to search for websites Once you find the type of page we instruct you to find, you enter a Facebook comment in the comment section Payout is 10 US Cents per approved post This project is a fun way to turn your spare time into cash […]

Now Hiring: Social Media Data Entry Encoder

We are looking for one person to setup and post to accounts on: Facebook (FB page) Google Plus Twitter Youtube We will supply with the cover art to use You will also be given the content you will post Required skills: Solid English skills The ability to start and finish a project Must be able […]

Narrators Wanted: Get Paid $15 USD for speaking into microphone

Do you have a great sounding voice? Can you speak English fluently? Do you have zero accent or a slight accent? Can you speak with EMOTIONS and FEELINGS? Can you read a script smoothly? IF you answered YES to all of the above, apply to our SPEAKER PROJECT Payout is $15 USD via paypal for […]

Picture Quote Makers Wanted

We need the following people for a project 4 people to find inspirational quotes: Payout is $5 each – Takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete. Job code: QUOTER 4 people to find photos to match with the quotes: Payout is $5 each – Takes about 1 to 3 hours to complete. Job code: […]

Wanted: Dormant Website Research

We are looking for people who can use Google to find Websites If you know how to use Google and you know how to follow English instructions, you should consider applying for this freelance project. This freelance project pays based on completed research packages Each package is worth $150 USD paid via Paypal IMPORTANT: If […]

English Speakers Wanted – Get paid $10 or more per hour

We’re looking for people who can speak English clearly (no need to be fluent – as long as Filipinos can understand your English, you’re fine) think fast on their feet, improvise quickly, and speak clearly WHILE talking swiftly. What will you be doing? You read an outline, think about what you’re going to say, click […]

Photo Finder Wanted

We need someone who can read an article and figure out the best photos for the article. The photos have to be royalty-free photos from that capture the mood and ‘essence’ of the article. How is this done? Follow the steps below 1) Read the article 2) Understand the information contained in and emotional […]