Daily Promotions and Research Assistant Needed

Do you know how to search for the following? Facebook groups Facebook pages Googleplus communities blogs forums Do you know how to outline? Do you know how to post simple English messages? Do you know how to read and understand English text? Are you a fast and prompt worker? Can you use $5 to $15 […]

Youtube Research Assistant

Are you familiar with Youtube? Do you know how to search for videos on Youtube? Can you use websites like namesilo.com to see if a domain name is available? Would you like to turn your spare time into spare dollars? If you answered yes to all of the above, then this project might be the […]

Work From Home Typists Wanted

We are continuously hiring freelance typists who work from home. Typists will receive emails with download links of audio files. Unzip the mp3 files, listen to them, and type out the words. Edit the transcription based on rules we send. Format the text so it meets our standards and email the text as an email […]

Homebased researcher for lead generation wanted

We are looking for people to do the following – look for blogs that fit certain parameters – filter found blogs based on certain quality standards – find the contact information for these blogs – email found contacts with a pre-built template we’ll provide – NOTE: template has to be customized to include key details […]

Online Writing freelance jobs for writers in the Philippines

If you like to write and have solid English grammar and sentence construction skills, this project may be for you. Get paid US dollars for writing articles and blog posts from home. You can choose to take as many freelance writing jobs available or you can choose to do only one project whenever you want. […]

Wanted: Homebased Research Assistant

Looking for a research assistant who will compile a list of blogs based on parameters we supply Research assistant will filter the list retrieved from Google and other sources Research assistant will contact the blogs using a template we supply Winning candidate must have good English written communication skills Pays $50 for roughly 1 to […]

Researcher Wanted: Find Dead Links

Can you follow English instructions? Do you have decent analysis skills? Are you very familiar with Google search? Would you like to earn P1000 for every dead website you find? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, this project is for you. We need people to look for dead websites for certain […]

Video commenters Wanted

Do you view videos on Youtube? Do you know how to search for videos there? Do you read the comments on Youtube? Do you know how to respond to comments? Can you write in READABLE and UNDERSTANDABLE English? If you answered YES to all of the above, apply for our Youtube commentator freelance project. This […]

Internal Forum Posters Wanted

Do you know how to use Google to research? Can you copy and paste? Can you write short but powerful and effective titles to forum posts? Do you like giving your opinion? Do you like to stay informed? Do you have DECENT (not perfect) English writing skills? Would you like to EARN DOLLARS? If you […]

Facebook Group Poster Wanted: 5 US cents per post

Do you know what Facebook is? Are you familiar with facebook groups? Do you comment on stuff people send you on facebook? Do you have decent English writing skills? Can you type faster than 30 words per minute? If you answered YES to all of the above, this project is for you! we’re looking to […]